Finally, Insurance and Healthcare speak the same language.

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The healthcare industry is in crisis

Healthcare costs and insurance premiums are sky-high and diagnoses and treatments are lacking due to shortages in reliable data delivery, patient information access, and patient-provider connectivity.

Abartys Health has created a unified system for the three major components of healthcare – patients, doctors, and insurers; streamlining services, communication, and treatment. Our technology is moving healthcare from the existing disjointed state to a centralized hub.

Getting good healthcare should be simple

By establishing a centralized, easy-to-access hub for healthcare data we can lower the cost of coverage and improve the value of a doctor’s visit.


Data visualization

Our interactive dashboard provides real-time data visualization using key metrics: health data, real-time enrollment statistics, provider data.


One-click searchability

Fast and easy to access to all of your patients and providers profiles.


Administrative User Interface

Your tool to organize credentials and doctor profiles with insurance companies.


Provider – Patient Communication

Treat patients on-the-go


Easy Access

Access your healthcare data when you’re on-the-go via the web or smartphone.


Access to cheaper premiums.

Automated tracking for your annual healthcare. It allows your insurance company to know that you’re taking care of your health.