Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance and Special Products

Our Credit Insurance and Special Products Department dedicates itself towards the creation, development and implementation of innovative products and protection plans. We adapt and design products according to the necessities identified in our clients and corporations, in compliance and exceeding all expectations. These Credit Insurance and Special Products are developed with the specific purpose of highlighting different areas in private and commercial products to maximize cost effectiveness and distinction.

We develop protection plans for the credit area, including all types of extended warranties focused on protecting property. Our team members count with specialized professional skills that give support in every aspect of the process, including implementation. Other skills within our team include the combination of training, product implementation, leadership workshops, emotional intelligence and a complete platform emphasized in sales coaching. We work with all our clients, hand in hand meeting established goals and objectives.

In Olympic Agency, we offer a range of products for clients in financial institutions and credit unions, among others, especially designed for all our clients. We have over twenty different products that are currently active and available in the credit market with over 250,000 active policies.


  • Administration of Products
  • Administration of Claims
  • Extended Warranties and Special Products
  • Actuary Service for credit allocation
  • Allocation of Risk
  • Coaching Loan Officer for credit Insurance sales and metric for improvement
  • Consulting — Re-insurance


  • Credit Life insurance: Pays off the principal balance of the account in case of death.
  • Credit Disability Insurance: Will cover the monthly debt payments (or the period specified by the medical certificate, etc. ) if the insured remains disabled by illness or injury.
  • Credit Property Insurance: Protects the property specified in a contract.
  • Credit Unemployment Insurance: It covers the monthly obligation of the debtor to the creditor, in cases where the principal debtor becomes involuntarily unemployed.

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