Alejandro Mena

Sales Corporate Benefits Manager


Sales Corporate Benefits Manager – Alejandro Mena has over 15 years of experience in health care industry.  From 1998 to 2008 Mr. Mena began working in Preferred Health Plan as an enrollment coordinator.  Then he lead the Sales Department, specifically the health plan addressed to the public employees.  This is also known as Law 95 Campaign.  It should be noted that Preferred Health was the second insurer with most lives insured in the market.  At the end of 2008 Alejandro began to work at National Life Insurance Company-Healthcare plan division as a Sales and Marketing Manager.  In his first year National Life had a growth in insured policies of 60%.  He kept working with them until 2012.  In 2013 Mr. Mena started in Olympic Agency as a Senior Account Executive.  He currently serves as Sales Corporate Benefits Manager.